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The EJUVA Body Cleanse Includes all the LIVE products needed to complete a 4 week Cleanse.
Candi Not Cleanse This is a 2 week Liquid Herb cleanse that destroys Fungus, Yeasts and Molds including Candida.
Para Nix Cleanse This is a 2 week Homeopathic and Liquid Herb Cleanse that Destroys most types Parasites including their eggs.

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Health Through The Mail
Written by Dr. Charles Partito N.D.   
Thursday, 07 April 2011 18:08




How do you know?

What nutrients your body is deficient without testing? How do you know when you no longer need the supplements you picked out for your body 's deficiencies with out testing? The answer is... YOU DON'T!!! Most people simply listen to their favorite Author/Lecturer and buy whatever their pushing while having no idea if their body needs it. This is both a waste of money and time. Why not find out what your body is lacking BEFORE you purchase your supplements!?


This insures you purchase only the supplements your body needs. It also insures that you'll know when you no longer need your supplements. All this is done for a minimal fee in the privacy of your own home, we call it ..."Health through the Mail". EJUVA will remove toxicity but what about the other key factor in obtaining health, your nutritional deficiencies? If you would like to know what vitamins and minerals, etc your body is deficient in then the Health Through the Mail program is for you!




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