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Symptoms of Systemic Candida Overgrowth
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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 12:36

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What are the Symptoms of Systemic Candida Overgrowth?

There are literally 3 pages worth, and I am going to name a few. Memory, ring worm, prostatitis, lowered libido, fatigue, PMS, anxiety, bladder infections, sinus problems, hives, food sensitivity, halitosis, nasal congestion, coughs, bronchitis, burning during urination, indigestion, pain in chest, shortness of breath, seeing spots in your line of vision, deafness, mood swings, loss of balance, rectal itching, mouth rashes, wheezing, teary eyes, and thousands of other symptoms caused by Systemic Candida Overgrowth.

How can a single “bug” cause so many symptoms? Candida, when it gets a hold of sugar it releases a number of toxins, 42 to be exact. In fact, any pathogenic bug whether its bacteria, germ, yeast, or virus when its fed properly produces toxins, that's what makes them disease producing. In the same sense the friendly bacteria produces its gifts to the body when they are fed properly. Like natural anti bodies, all B vitamins including B12, they help with assimilation, and boost our immune system. In fact, you need about 4 pounds of those friendlies in your bowel to have a healthy bowel.

So, if you feed yeast sugar and they make toxins, where are the toxins going to go? The answer is throughout the blood stream. This will result in a variety of symptoms.

But can Candida really cause all those symptoms OR, does candida bring to light an already weakened system? The answer is, both. Remember, the second type of overgrowth will cause thrush, nail fungus, between the toe fungus, and vaginal discharge. But, all the symptoms listed above from A to Z CANNOT be caused by Candida.

How do I know? Its simple, if Candida produces specific symptoms which it does, everyone with Candida would have the same symptoms. There would NOT be a thousand different symptoms each symptom varying from person to person. The toxins released by Candida are the same toxins released in every body. What happens is these toxins find the weak links in the body, and that's where they settle in. Flies cannot survive in a brand new spotless never been used trash can.

They need an used, smelly, slimy, broken down, toxic trash can to survive and multiply. None of the pathogens in our bodies can damage us in and of themselves. They do NOT possess that kind of power. They need damaged tissue to survive and thrive, they cannot hurt us on their own, they are scavengers. We have to help them hurt us by damaging our own tissue through poor genetics or an unnatural lifestyle.

So why is that important to mention? Because we are happy to say candida is cause of all my ills and take the “stuff” to kill them. But this leads us to a viscous cycle, that the Candida will win! I Think of the Candida as I do all symptoms, as a blessing in disguise, it brings to surface many of the issues that's wrong with us and the potential hazards of Systemic Candida Overgrowth.


This Article is a Segment of A Full Lecture. For Complete Lecture,  Please Click Here.


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