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  David Wolfe
With a masters degree in nutrition, he is considered one of the world’s top authorities on natural health.
  Laura Fox
Author, teacher and raw vegan educator, host of The Raw Spirit Show, founder of the Anchor The Dream Visionary Stewardship Technologies
  Kerry Cushing
besides working with David Wolfe at his retreats for many years. Kerry founded a Raw food and detox retreat in Sedona Az. Kerry has worked with thousands on herbal detoxing
  Fabienne Alsing
B.A., AcM., M.B.Ac.C. ,Acupuncture Master and Practitioner of the Bowen Technique The Well Natural Health Centre
  Dr. Gabriel Cousins
M.D. M.D. (H), D.D.
Lecturer, Author, Icon, and Founder of "Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center"
  Dr. Brian Clement
PhD, LN, NMD, Author, Lecturer, Nutritionist, Supplement Formulator Extraordinaire and Director of HHI for 30 years.
  Kevin Trudeau
Best Selling Author of "Natural Cures they don't want you to know about!"
  Matt Monarch
Author, Lecturer, Raw Chef and co-founder of Raw World.
  Viktoras Kulvinskas
Best Selling Author, Lecturer, CO-FOUNDER OF THE HIPPOCRATES HEALTH INSTITUTE. Genius and Icon
  Dr. Fred Besci
Author, Lecturer, Rawfood Pioneer Dr. Fred Bisci has been on a Rawfood Diet for 40 years, Nutritionist and Icon
  Rene Loux
Author, columnist for Women's Health Magazine, Founder of EUPHORIC ORGANICS, TV show host of It's Easy Being Green
  Paul Nison
Author, Lecturer, founder of Rawlife, co-founder of Raw World and Raw Food Chef
  Steve Arlin
author of "Raw Power” and Co-Founder of Nature’s First Law.
  Dr. Elson Hass M.D. Author and founder of the Preventative Medical Center.   Dr. George Cromack
D.C. Author and co-founder of Renew Yourself with Dr. Gabriel Cousins. Raw since 1973 is considered one of the founders of the modern live food movement.
  Christine Dreher
is a Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist, the President and Founder of Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc. she is an author, and has consulted thousands of clients in the areas of internal cleansing, nutritional health, and diet.

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