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Dr. Joel Robbins M.D., N.D., D.C., PhD is one of Americas most successful Holistic Doctors. Founder of the College of Natural Health, Esteemed lecturer, Author, Genius, and Icon.


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dr-robbins-acute-illness.jpg Dr. Joel Robbins - Acute illness 1 Album

Colds, flues and other infectious illnesses are something that virtually every American experiences one to several times every year. Are these just a part of life that we just must accept, or are they optionalósomething we have more control over than we realize? In this lecture, Dr. Robbins explains that acute illnesses are not something that we just catch, but in fact, are something that we earn.

Dr. Robbins asks the question: if a lack of colds is considered healthy, how come people who have cancer, have for the most part not had a cold in years? Letís join Dr. Robbins as he tells us what acute illness really is, how we acquire it, how to treat it, and what we can do for prevention.

Tracks : 6 Time : 1:01


dr-robbins-children.jpg Dr. Joel Robbins - Children's Diet 2 Album Set

Pregnancy, to a woman that is not nutritionally sound, can take a major toll on her health. Likewise, the health of a child is largely determined by what the mother eats while carrying a child, nursing the child and beyond.

In this presentation, Dr. Robbins reveals the relationship between diet and the health of mother, health of the pregnancy and the health of the child. Some of the common health problems encountered during pregnancy are discussed, along with natural solutions, as well as the proper diet during pregnancy and nursing.

Finally, he discusses a healthy diet for children, from nursing through childhood. Here now, is Dr. Robbins.

Tracks : 15 Time : 1:59:45


dr-robbins-fasting.jpg Dr. Joel Robbins - Fasting 2 Album Set

Our bodies have amazing abilities to cleanse and heal themselves. Unfortunately, because of our unhealthy eating and living habits, the bodyís ability to restore itself is greatly diminished due to stored toxins and nutritional deficiencies.

On the market all kinds of products are sold promising they will render the body healthy and whole. In reality, water fasting is the most efficient method of giving the body the opportunity to detoxify and rebuild.

In this presentation Dr. Robbins not only explains the powerful benefits of fasting, but gives practical guidelines on how to fast for maximum benefit. Letís listen now as Dr. Robbins opens the door to the wonderful world of fasting.

Tracks : 13 Time : 1:53


dr-robbins-health-through-nutrition.jpg Dr. Joel Robbins - Health through Nutrition 2 Album Set

It is no longer a mystery that what we eat has a profound affect on our health. There are a growing number of nutrition publications, health food stores and natural health practitioners giving us a long list of things that we should and shouldnít consume relative to our health. But human nature is such that is we are only told the doís and doníts, we tend to follow through only temporarily.

Dr. Robbins has found that if he tells his patients the whyís and whereforeís or the scientific relationship between food and health, they far better embrace the lifestyle changes that are needed live disease-free.

Letís listen as Dr. Robbins, in laymanís terms, explains the science behind diet and health.

Tracks : 18 Time : 2:24


dr-robbins-juicing-for-health.jpg Dr. Joel Robbins - Juicing for Health 2 Album Set

The juice craze came to the fore several years back and is here to stay. There are so many wonder products on the market today, promising health for every ill man knows.

Do they really provide actual health benefits, and if they do, at what cost financially? In this presentation, Dr. Robbins explains the true health benefits, above and beyond vitamin and mineral supplements, of fresh juice.

He not only reveals the magic of juice in restoring health, but also the practical how toís of juicing. Letís join Dr. Robbins as he tells us about different types of juicers, how to juice and as a bonus, the life-changing Juice Diet program.

Tracks : 11 Time : 1:20

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