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power.jpg Power
Power, containing 236 vegetarian capsules, consists of 25 herbs from the Americas, Europe and Africa, all hand-picked by small groups of individuals and dried at the moment of harvest. They are formulated to assist the breaking up of waste material in the colon, to rid the body of hardened Mucoid layers, to facilitate the cleansing of blood and tissues, and to cleanse the lymph of impurities. The ingredients have been synergistically combined and are experienced as a mild, yet deeply effective herbal supplement.

Power contains: Agrimony, Alfalfa powder, Angelica root, Cascara Sagrada, Calendula flowers, Chamomile, Chickweed, Dandelion, Devils Claw, Echinacea root, Elderfiower berries, Fennel seed, Golden Seal, Green Papaya Powder, Horsetail, Irish Moss, Amalaki, Red Raspberry leaf, Sassafras root bark, Stinging nettle, Turkey Rhubarb, Yarrow flowers, Yellow dock, and Triphala.


balance.jpg Balance
(contains 236 vegetarian capsules) The Ejuva Balance formula uses specific, time tested Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs to balance and harmonize the body's energies. This unique approach is vital when undergoing detoxification and elimination processes. The body's organs, tissues, and lymph need to be tonified and balanced during cleansing, and the energy meridians need to be freed to allow the movement of "Chi" or life energy. Many times when one fasts or cleanses, the kidney meridians become exhausted or there is not enough energy reserve to allow the adrenals to function optimally.

Dashmula consists of 9 herbs and is Considered as the "Aspirin of Ayurveda," Useful for fatigue, nervous, worries, poor sleep and nervous system. Detoxify of the entire body. Liver and kidneys tonic. Hormone balancer. Useful for gynecological problems. Useful for all inflammations. Helps to relieve both mental and physical tensions.

The ingredients in Balance are designed to help the body experience exuberant vitality and harmony. The dosage of Balance can be adjusted to each body for maximum energy, without exhausting internal resources. Balance consists of 19 herbs and is the companion to Power.

Balance contains: Ashwanganda, Astragalus, Dashmula, Fo Ti, Ginseng root, Guggulu, Hawthorn berry, Hibiscus, Chinese Licorice, Marshmallow root, Pau d'Arco, Rose Hips, Sarsaparilla root, Schizandra, Slippery Elm, Shih Hu, White Peony, and Suma root powder.


renew.jpg Renew

(contains 213 vegetarian capsules) Made from organic Ayurvedic herbs from India,Wildcrafted herbs from the mountains of Japan, and the Pseudowintera colorata shrub from the pristine rain forests of north west New Zealand. This formula is designed to rid the body of yeast growths and parasites, regenerate the cells of the intestinal tract, and detoxify the body without the drying effects or high aluminum content of the Bentonite clay commonly used in other cleansing products.

Triphala, a key ingredient in Renew, is a combination of three ancient Ayurvedic fruits, Amalaki, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki, that has been used for centuries to balance the body and draw out toxins from the body. Highly absorptive, it is included in Renew to stimulate peristaltic action, create healthy intestinal PH, and remove heavy metals, drug residues, and other toxins.

Triphala is also renowned for its ability to regenerate intestinal cellular health.

Renew contains: Amalaki, Bibhitaki, Haritaki, Trikatu, Vidanga, Kutaja, Kamala, Cascara Sagrada, Turkey Rhubarb, Pau d'Arco, New Zealand Pseudowintera colorata (leaf), Japanese Parsley, Cnicus, Mandarin Orange, Liquorice, Atractylis, Cypress, Cinnamon, Hoelen, Ginger, Rehmannia, Cloves, White Peony, and Coptis.


combi.jpg Combi
(Contains 330 grams) Many people have an intestinal tract that is blocked with old fecal matter and built up Mucoid layers. Many have parasites or bacteria that are surviving in an overgrowth condition. They exhibit symptoms of constipation, diarrhea, spasms, inflammations, or excessive wind. Combi has been designed to help the peristaltic action of the colon by bulking, nourishing and feeding the healthy bacteria. It consists of Flax seeds, Wildcrafted Psyllium seed husk powder, Slippery Elm powder, and Chia seeds. Combi nourishes and tones the tissues and cleanses deep pockets of old matter.

Psyllium seed husks support the intestine’s muscular activity and facilitate regular intestinal movements without irritating the intestinal Unlike conventional pharmaceutical laxatives, this plant product is gentle in its effects, and is not addictive. Psyllium seed husk is an excellent colon and intestinal cleanser, removing toxins and restoring tone to the mucous membranes.

Studies have identified reduced cholesterol levels as one of the positive side effects of ingesting psyllium seed husks. Flax seeds, with their high content of lignine, and Chia seeds, with their mucilaginous qualities, enhance and complement the effects of the Psyllium seed husks. Mexican Indians have long used chia seeds to enhance intestinal function, making a mucilaginous drink that strengthens and nourishes to the mucous membranes of the intestines. Chia also helps pituitary/gonadal deficiencies.

The Combi is mixed with water or juice in the form of a shake. This combination ensures that loosened deposits are quickly eliminated so that the toxins they contain will not be absorbed through the intestinal walls. Flax seeds contain 30-40% fixed oil which includes linoleic, linolenic and oleoic acids, mucilage, protein and linamarin. Flax has been used by herbalists for chronic constipation, diverticulitis, gastritis, coughs and eczema. Combi powder is produced using a proprietary low-heat method that retains all the Omega 6 and 3 oils, an especially significant fact for vegetarians.


citrus-enhanced.jpg Citrus Enhanced

Citrus Enhanced is a natural quaternary compound extracted from the seed and pulp of certified organically grown grapefruit. Each white spoonful contains the equivalent of 35 mg grapefruit seed extract in a base of glycerine. This is combined with Pseudowintera colorata extract from the rain forests of New Zealand. Each white spoonful contains the equivalent of 350 mg of Pseudowintera colorata in its natural state. In addition, it is complemented by green papaya powder for enzymatic action, anti- parasitic and anti fungal/yeast/Mold components. Each white spoonful contains the equivalent of 35 mg green papaya powder.

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