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In Today’s Modern World,

it is difficult to find a person whose intestinal functioning is not impaired as a result of unnatural dietary habits and adverse environmental influences. Constipation, intestinal gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and the growing problem of fungal diseases, worms, and parasites can often be traced back to disrupted intestinal functions.

Through our past eating habits, emotional pressures, or just living in our modern environment, our bodies have become reservoirs for toxic waste. Layer upon layer of Mucoid Plaque has been built up in our intestinal tract. Elimination of waste does not function at optimal levels, our kidneys aren’t excreting fully, our liver is not detoxifying completely, the bile is not flowing properly, the pancreas can not produce the enzymes meant for digestion, fats and cholesterol have built up, skin problems have emerged, chronic fungal problems or candida won’t go away, and our immune systems have become so compromised that HIV, Epstein Barr and Cancer are common household names. In our modern culture, we seem to have lost touch with the basic understanding of how real health is attained.

Through applying the principles of modern scientific research with the traditions of cleansing the intestine through the use of herbs and natural substances, the body can be helped exponentially. For thousands of years native peoples have known that healing comes from our connection with the Earth. The 100% all natural Ejuva Body Cleansing program uses over 90 organic/Wild Crafted alive herbs and plants to help you regain your vibrant health.

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Recommended by David Wolfe  With a masters degree in nutrition, and a background in science and mechanical engineering, David Wolfe is considered one of the world’s top authorities on natural health, beauty nutrition, herbalism, and organic superfoods. Best-selling author, lecturer, founder of Sunfood Nutrition and Icon.

"When Sunfoods reach plaque encrusted intestines (impacted with mucus and hardened fecal matter), they will not digest properly and a fermentation will occur. To alleviate this situation, one should have a series of 5 to 8 colonics conducted by a registered colon hydrotherapist and also undertake a herbal cleanse such as EJUVA.

It is time to do an EJUVA intestinal cleanse program. This is a one month herbal program that you adopt into your daily routine. Complete instructions are included with each kit. The program assists your body in clearing away macroscopic accumulated debris in the intestines. The results are remarkable and self-evident. The EJUVA system is 100% raw and organic.

Cleansing with an herbal system such as EJUVA, will help to clear away not only physical blockages, but emotional issues as well. When one feels physically stronger and more nourished, it is easier to heal emotional issues.

When one completes a cleanse, energy flows cleanly through the body. The charismatic qualities of bliss, joy, and happiness arise more easily. You will feel a change in your thoughts, emotions, judgments, and motivations. One’s focus and concentration are naturally drawn to higher things. You will eventually discover that there is no limit to how healthy and happy we can be. A raw herbal cleanse, such as the EJUVA program, can work wonders for those with eczema as I have seen first hand several times."




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