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My Bout With Cancer

Once again, thanks for checking out our Blog! After eating mostly raw plants, doing water fasts, juice fasts, smoothies, herbal cleansing, taking whole food supplements, exercising and doing nutritional testing for nearly 18 years and being a non smoker my entire life. Not to mention years of guiding so many people through their health concerns […]

Do Detox Diets Really Work?

Raw Information For The Raw Food Enthusiast THE BODY’S FILTERS Over the years I’ve heard many “experts” claim all one really needs to do is eat raw foods and the body’s filters will filter out the toxins and take care of itself. It’s a great thought, but it’s little more than fantasy. This is where […]

Are Mushrooms Healthy?

Raw Information For The Raw Food Enthusiast Often I am asked if mushrooms are healthy.  Over the years I’ve seen many raw leaders pushing them, touting their superior health benefits.  I’m sure you have too.  Simply put, mushrooms contain no health benefits whatsoever; here’s why… A QUICK NOTE REGARDING MUSHROOMS Don’t get me wrong, like […]

Does Water pH Really Matter?

Raw Information For The Raw Food Enthusiast WATER Is a very controversial subject in the world of Raw. Some say it must be very alkaline (high pH), others say it must be from a spring, and for me, there is yet another type of water that is preferred. Which water is best to consume? A […]


Raw Information For The Raw Food Enthusiast First off all I’m going to say is, “Vaccines are ineffective”. In Australia and the UK vaccines are not mandatory and 50% of their populations are not vaccinated. Yet, their incidents of infectious disease are no greater then then the countries that mandate vaccines. As we go through these […]

The Death of Natural Health

Raw Information For The Raw Food Enthusiast The Political Economics of Medicine In  the mid 1800’s, the Germans began to develop drugs known as pharmaceuticals. Drug therapy quickly caught on because it granted instant relief to the patient without having to change any of the wrong doing that caused the sickness in the first place. […]

What makes a Great Cleanse?

Raw Information For The Raw Food Enthusiast Ejuva was founded nearly 20 years ago. Back then there were few cleanses available. Cleansing was not well known and Mucoid Plaque was virtually unheard of. Since that time cleansing, like the raw food movement has exploded.  It seems everyone has jumped on the cleansing band wagon to […]

To Supplement Or Not To Supplement

Raw Information For The Raw Food Enthusiast Are raw plants alone enough to produce health in the human body? Are they enough to actually reverse disease? This debate has been ongoing for much longer than I have been a raw foodist. On one hand the hygienists claim uncooked whole plants are all that’s required. Many […]

Why Some Raw Food Leaders Have Cancer

**The following is simply our belief.  It is backed by massive research and more importantly thousands of successes on the war against cancer.  It’s OK if you choose to believe otherwise.  This is our perspective regarding  the cause of most cancers. Cancer (Carcinoma, Malignancy, Neoplasm, Tumor) Cancer is the end disease of all diseases. It’s […]

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