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Myths About Cleansing

Normally Ejuva does not participate in negative campaigns. However, there are those that specifically targeted EJUVA in a negative manner to further their cause. So we decided to inform people via this seminar who might be otherwise influenced by these peoples negative statements. We have decided to expose them for what they are, so be […]

Health Through The Mail

How do you know what nutrients your body is deficient without testing? How do you know when you no longer need the supplements you picked out for your body ‘s deficiencies with out testing? The answer is… YOU DON’T!!! Most people simply listen to their favorite Author/Lecturer and buy whatever their pushing while having no […]

Éjuva Body Cleansing Program

Become Healthy Now! The Ejuva Body Cleansing program is formulated specifically for the detoxification of the Alimentary canal (from your throat to your rectum), your blood, your organs, your lymphatic system and your tissue cells, while improving elimination and general well being. Since every human being has unique health requirements, the program has been designed […]

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