Parasites – Hosted By?

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Virtually all free living animals are hosts to parasites.

85% to 95% of all American adults have at least one form of parasite living in their body. Virtually all free living animals are hosts to parasites. A parasite is an organism that lives in a organism called a host and receives all of its nutrients from its host. Unlike predators, parasites are much smaller than their hosts and also reproduce much faster than their hosts.

Parasites survive by exploiting their hosts. By robbing their host of valuable nutrients. Some Parasites even kill their hosts. Dr. Donald Kelly, a leading expert in weight management, claims, Parasites are a leading cause of obesity.

They rob our bodies of valuable nutrients leaving our body with only empty calories as leftovers. The body will crave more foodstuff as it is starved of the ever so needed vitamins and minerals.”
Parasite is a Greek word meaning a person who hung around the home of a wealthy patron waiting for a free meal. Most Parasites live in one area of its host’s body; e.g. Brain, Liver, or Intestines. Some Parasites require multiple hosts to survive. Parasites employ numerous tactics for getting from one host to another including penetrating external surfaces, while others must be ingested.

Parasites will live in its host undetected for years. Some laying up to 300,000 eggs per day. They come in all sizes from small enough to live in a single blood vessel, to 20 feet long.

If you want to know if you are a host there are tests that can be done. But, in my opinion, the most accurate test is to simply look in the mirror. Whomever you see staring back you is likely infested.

If your not infested this year, then likely next year, or the year after that. But know this, if your not now, you will be soon. Parasites are in our food, in our drinks, on our pets, on our partners, and on our children.

This is why my teacher and mentor says “no matter who you are, you should undertake an annual parasitical cleanse!”

Parasites clearly rule the earth and not only do they rob the body of nutrients but they excrete many toxins. As Raw Foodists, we are true health seekers.

But, as Raw Foodists we are more susceptible to parasitical infestations than those who are cooked. We are all doing herbal cleansing to remove stored toxins but it is rare when we cleanse to kill the monsters within.

Ejuva offers a two week liquid herb and homeopathic cleanse called Para Nix that is specific not only for killing Parasites. But, unlike 99% of the parasitical cleanses out there, Para Nix (a Parasite Cleanse) kills the eggs and larva of Parasites as well. Para Nix is as effective at removing all stages of Parasites as any synthetic allopathic treatment but, without the harsh side effects.

Para Nix(a Parasite Cleanse) can be consumed by itself or with the Ejuva Body Cleanse. I would like to thank the raw community for supporting Ejuva for the last 2 decades by taking 20% off the Para Nix cleanse with mention of this article.

This Article is a Segment of A Full Lecture. For Complete Lecture, Please Click Here.

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